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The HDVMixer client module is a user interface that can locally or remotely control the station's HDVMixer Server settings. The server runs in the DJ's on-air computer, whereas information is gathered and generated by other staff members. Therefore it's necessary to have remote control capabilities to feed information into the video stream.


Running several HDVmixer clients in various computers through the station a logical information workflow can be accomplished. For instance journalists at the news room can update news tickers, while the producers can update guest names, photos and info from a different location. While this is taking place, the DJ can be selecting a specific camera, or he can even activate HDVmixer's autoVJ feature for the software to automatically select the proper camera view based on a set of predefined rules.


General view of HDVmixer Client. Click to view full size.


HDVmixer is divided into 7 panels, each having a specific function. The panels are:

  1. MONITOR: Where video SOURCES are configured

  3. TRANSITION: Where transitions between SETs are configured

  5. SET: Where the video compositions are configured (up to 4 simultaneous SOURCES can make up the scene)

  7. BACKGROUND: Where the SET's background image is configured

  9. TITLE: Where text/image overlays are configured

  11. SCENE: Where SCENE buttons are configured. These buttons activate a particular combination of SOURCES, TRANSITIONS, SETS, BACKGROUND and TITLE. These buttons can have autoVJ automation rules which allow them to automatically trigger under specific circumstances

  13. STREAMING: Where the streaming status is selected and the connection status is displayed. HDVmixer can be either STREAMING, or in PREVIEW mode. Connection health statics are displayed in this pane too. Warning information is shown when network congestion or server disconnection occurs