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The SET panel is where the video mixing configurations are selected. Using the four video sources selected in the MONITOR panel, the operator can choose a specific composition using those video feeds. This will define how the output (PROGRAM) video composition will look like on the air.

SET panel configured with various templates.


SET presets determines the position, size and display order of each channel of the mixer's four video channels (A, B, C and D). Each SET preset is shown in the SET panel as a button. Each of these buttons has a name and a thumbnail (image) of the scene composition.




The properties of each SET preset are:

  • Screen position of each mixer channel (A, B, C, D)
  • Screen size of each of the channels
  • Crop of each of the channels video signal (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Visibility Order: front/rear between the 4 channels
  • Channel active (visible/hidden)

To modify a preset, double clicking on the SET button of interest. A window displaying the above properties will show up. This edit window has a preset preview area to see how the new configuration will be displayed once on the air. This preview simplifies fine tunning the size and position of each video source in the final video composition, as it is visually displaying changes while they are being made.

Editing a SET preset.




If the AUTO VIDEO button (on the TRANSITION panel) is grayed, then the auto apply changes is off. Therefore, clicking on a SET button will have no effect to the PROGRAM signal. It will only select the preset (with a green box around the button). To apply this new SET on the air the PREVIEW/PROGRAM 'bar' button in the TRANSITION panel must be pressed. If the VIDEO button is lit, then the changes will be applied into the main video output (PROGRAM). If the AUTO VIDEO button is enabled (red color), then clicking on a SET button means going on-air with that particular preset right away.


 When a SET preset is on-air HDVmixer indicates it by adding a red background to the legend with the name of the preset. Only one SET button can be active at any given time, as only one specific preset configuration can be aired.