HDVmixer's has got a set of distinctive features when compared to any other video suit. These features that make HDVmixer unique are:


  • Scene presets that make scene switching a simple task as clicking on the desired scene button. A complete video layout: background, video sources, set configuration, text layers and image overlays will automatically be recalled

  • Scene changes can be fired automatically based on user configurable rules (autoVJ functionality)

  • Automatic text layers data update based on RSS feeds, or AUDICOM database information. Legends as: 'You are viewing: , ' are possible. Sixteen different data fields (metanames) can be used to include information like: time, temperature, show name, etc

SCENE panel where one-click presets are displayed using multicolored buttons.


The SCENE panel consists of 36 scene preset buttons that allow the user to switch from scene to scene with the push of a button. By right clicking on any button the user can edit the button's properties. Each scene button has got the following options: background selection, video source selection (for each of the 4 video mixer channels), video mixer SET layout and TITLE presets to be activated during the scene.


These scene buttons can be automatically trigger based on specific user configurable rules. This auto-scene switching capability is called 'AutoVJ', as it acts like a VJ switching video sources during a live show. This is a crucial feature for Multimedia Radio transmissions, as the DJ is not distracted with an increased workload due to the new features of the broadcast.


As shown in the above image, scene buttons have: a specific color (out of a set of 8), a name, a number (positions 1 through 36), and some small icons. These icons indicate what specific settings does the button contain. Buttons can: change the SET/SOURCE, can display TITLEs, and can have autoVJ automation rules. There are three distinctive icons to show each of these possible features that could have been configured to a particular button.